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Meet The Team


Robert Tuthill

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Robert Tuthill was born and raised in Scotland. At a young age Robert had a love for music and played the keyboard. In his teenage years with four of his friends he started a band called Neon, where they played regularly in local bars.  Robert also became a labourer with a roofing company and he knew this was something that he wanted to pursue his career in. With hard work, determination and a belief in the process of personal development, Robert took a leap of faith and at the age of 23 decided to become his own boss and open up his own company, Robanna Roofing and Cladding.  Over the years he successfully completed projects such as schools, hospitals and distilleries all over the UK. At age 32, Robert secured a job and took the big step of coming to Canada for a better life for his family. He worked for many great companies in Canada till he decided to start working for himself, since then has completed many projects in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Robert is excited to further his knowledge and experience  in the  construction industry and looks forward to meeting you.


Tony LeBlanc

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Tony grew up in calgary. As a teenage boy he got his first job at a neighbour fast food restaurant where he had the pleasure of meeting a fellow colleague, also entering into the workforce for the first time. Tony would soon find out that this friendship would open new doors for his future, as this new friends family owned a metal company. Eventually this lead to Tony starting out in a local metal shop at a young age. 

From there he learned how to maintain and master all the equipment, the process of fabrication and the importance of accurate measuring. 

When it became slow in the shop, Tony was offered the opportunity to work in the field as a labourer. 

He had numerous experienced mentors, and caught on quickly. This would lead to many more advancements within the company. 

Tony has accomplished countless jobs in and around calgary, where he’s received accolades for the completion of large high profile projects within the construction industry.

With over 20 years under his belt, he finally decided it was time to venture out on his own.

He is very excited to be on this new journey and looks forward to working, and building new relationships with you! 

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